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We loved our recent trip to Longleat!
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Getting creative at WASPS

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Easter Bonnet Parade

The Reception children loved the Easter Bonnet Parade and egg hunt. Well done to all the children and parents who were involved!

The children in 0TS have enjoyed visiting our school library every week.

"I like reading the books" Shariah
"I like taking the books home" Austin
"I like choosing the princess books" Mina

In 0TS we have enjoyed having the apparatus out in PE.

"I like sliding down on the slide" James
"I like going really fast on the slide" Letty
"I enjoy doing the arm stretches at the end" Wren

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In 0TS it has been a flurry of activities!

Here are some behind the scene photos.

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Class 0C have loved practising writing their keywords. They are getting really good and feel so proud of their progress.

For our topic 'People who help us' Reception were visited by the Fire Brigade to learn about how they help us. They absolutely loved trying on the outfits and looking inside the fire engine!

"I learnt that they have different hose sizes" Dario

"They had a massive ladder to get up high into windows or trees" Olive

"I asked to put on the outfit. It was so big and heavy!" Harry

"I enjoyed speaking in the walkie talkie. It was funny" Ellis

Fire Officer Visit

Wren: “We got to see the fire engine.”
Mina: “I liked wearing the hat.”
Emily: “I liked when they put the lights on.”
Woody: “I liked looking at the fire engine.”
Jonah: “I liked the part where I saw the fire engine water tank.”

Science Week

"We loved having an experiment every day and we really love Science! My favourite bit was when the raisins danced. The bubbles lifted the raisins to the top and when they popped the raisins went down". Class 0C


Year 1, along with reception, got to go and plant their black bins for the vegetable garden this term.

Christmas Party

All the children in Class 0D thoroughly enjoyed an afternoon of Christmas Party games followed by a lovely Christmas Party. Thank you to all the parents that contributed towards a lovely afternoon.



Weston History Week

During playtime Class 0D carried out exercises as they would in Victorian days with drills around the playground.

During our 200 year celebration class 0T dressed as children from the Victorian period

0TS really enjoyed performing the Nativity this year

Look How Busy We Have Been

Click on the image to see lots of photos of us all at work!

James Carter

The reception children were pleased to welcome James Carter to Little WASPS. A published poet, James read some of his poems and involved the children in reciting poems and dancing. The children loved it!

Ruby 0T: I liked it when he played the guitar.

Max 0G: I liked his poems, I liked the wriggly legs.

Eve 0B: It made me happy because it made me laugh.

Monty 0T: I liked the bug poem because my name is Bugg!

Emma 0G: He was good because he played the guitar. His poems were brilliant.

Felix: I thought the dancing was fun!


Water Confidence!

The Reception children are really enjoying their swimming sessions at school. The focus is on water confidence and developing skills.

The Reception children really enjoyed the end of term Easter activities. In the morning they attended the Easter assembly at Weston All Saints Church. In the afternoon they all took part in an Easter egg hunt to find clues. The answer was Easter bunny! They then paraded around the playground modelling their colourful Easter-themed hats. A tremendous amount of creativity was on display. Well done to all of the children They also fitted in a quick visit to Year 2 to see the baby chicks. Happy Easter to you all!

Multicultural Week

During Multicultural Week the reception children have been learning about a famous European who has made a difference to the UK. Each class was given a different country: OG - Spain; OT - Italy and OB - France.

Class OG has been learning about Tamara Rojo, a famous ballet dancer.

Class OT has been learning about how Florence Nightingale nursed wounded soldiers.

Class OB has been learning about the restaurants and cookery school opened by Raymond Blanc in the UK.

Examples of their writing can be found below.

Class 0B Class 0G Class 0T

Muddy Mondays

The children are really enjoying taking their learning outside every Monday afternoon. They have been using their investigative skills to explore and find out facts.

Jack (0B) I like finding things.

Jessica (0G) I like jumping in muddy puddles.

Dottie (0T) We’ve been digging for dinosaurs. We’ve used paint brushes and that is different.

Juliette B (0B) I like digging in the sand to find dinosaurs.

Jack (0G) We have found dinosaurs in the sand.

Panagiotis (0T) We’ve been looking to see what floats and what sinks.


Christmas Nativity - It Takes a Village

The Reception children really enjoyed performing alongside their Year 6 friends for this year's nativity performance. The three classes each performed the play and sang enthusiastically!

            "I liked it when we were singing." Billie 0B

    "I liked dressing up in my costume." Jessica 0G

            "My dad loved it. He cried and cried and cried, but happy tears!" Alfie 0T

The Elves and the Toy-makers

The Reception children really enjoyed watching the performance of The Elves and the Toy-makers as their Christmas treat. The story was about two elves who helped stuff soft toys for a couple of toy-makers, who showed their appreciation by giving the elves some special Christmas themed presents. The children were mesmerised throughout the performance.

            "It was crazy." Vinnie 0T

        "I liked it when the feathers came out of the umbrellas." Fraser 0G

               "The elves were being really silly. It was funny." William 0B

Book Week 2016

During Book Week the Reception children shared the story of ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers.  In the story the boy and a penguin went on a journey. We wrote our own stories about going on a journey.

The children also enjoyed having stories read to them by Dr Bull, Mrs Halls and Mrs Badger and they had a visit from Year 6 children who shared stories together. On the Friday, the children came into school dressed as their favourite book character.

It was a fun filled week!


Muddy Mondays

The reception children have been enjoying exploring the school grounds during their Muddy Monday learning.

Ernest (0T) – “I like playing hide and seek.”

Bethany (0G) - “I like finding stuff and digging for worms.”

Kane (0B) – “I loved going to the big kids place.”

Dottie (0T) – “We’ve been playing listening games.”

Fraser (0G) – “They are great because we get to go outside and we go to Mitzie’s playground. I like the little wooden train.”

Longleat Trip

In June the Reception children enjoyed an educational visit to Longleat. As well as seeing, touching and smelling lots of different animals, the children enjoyed the train and boat trips. Lunch was a highlight for all the children!

Polly – 0T
“I liked going to Longleat. We went on a boat and we saw some gorillas.”

Alfie W – 0G
“I liked the giraffes and zebras because they were running.”

Cara – 0B
“I liked having lunch and going on the train.”

Fran – 0T
“I liked seeing the animals. I liked the gorillas because they were fluffy.”

Kaydie – 0G
“I liked the elephants and the camels and I liked the monkeys. I liked the colours on them.”

Ollie A – 0B
“We saw parrots and some things that eat ants. I was great and the best part was the train.”

Harry – 0T
“We went on the bus. The lions were sleeping.”

Jessica – 0G
“I loved the giraffes and I liked the zebras. I liked riding on the boat.”

Olly S – 0T
“It was fun because we saw animals. I liked the elephants because they have small ears.”

Nathan - 0T
“I liked looking at the sea lions in the water. I liked the giraffes and zebras because they weren’t too noisy and I saw a baby giraffe.”

Thomas – 0G
“I liked the lions because I like all the colours. I liked the boat and seeing Gorilla Island.”

Eva – 0B
“It was fun. I liked looking at the animals.”

Jim Cole's Visit

The children from Little Wasps were pleased to welcome Jim Cole to the school. Jim spoke to the children about why he runs and why running and exercise is important. He then took the children on a run around the school grounds.

Thomas 0T: "The running is easy but a feel a bit tired."

Keisha 0T: "The running is very good because it is fun."

Aoife: 0T: "I ran so fast I ran past Jim Cole."

Lincoln 0T: "We heard about Jim's dog Alfred. He likes to swim."

Daisy 0G: "Jim Cole runs a long way."

Caitlin 0G: "He can run really, really fast. The running is really healthy for you because it is exercising."

Ollie A 0B: "I was running fast and I was near Jim Cole and I had fun."

Eva 0B: "I like running because my mummy is a runner. I feel happy."

The reception children have been enjoying playing in Mitzi’s playground.

Frankie (0B): I love to play here because I can sit in the chair and pretend to be the teacher and my children sit on the mushrooms.
Isabella (0B) : I like to sit on the chair and pretend to be the queen.
Emily (0B): I like to go on the train.
Eva (0B): I love everything!
Wilfie (0B): I like to climb on the beams and go on the train.
Cara (0B): I like everything, it is lots of fun!

Lola (0G): I like to play with everything.
Tim (0G): I love the train choo choo.
Caitlin (0G): I like to slide on the slide.
Rome (0G): I like the train and running.
Alfie W (0G): I like to play on the train with my friends.
Sam (0G): I like to go down the slide.

Tom (0T): I like being a gorilla and climbing.
Darcy (0T): I like to be a monkey on the monkey bars.
Lucy (0T): I like to climb and slide.
Emily (0T): I like to sit on the benches and talk with my friends .
Stanley (0T): I love to climb and put my feet on a little bar.



Alice, Lincoln and Orla from 0T, Frankie, Rupert and Alex from 0B and Sam and Charlie from 0G model new WASPS hats!

Alice from 0T said: 'I like it because it has got a Wasp on'.

Rupert from 0B said: 'It's green and my nearly favourite colour'.

Sam from 0G said: 'It keeps me warm'.

Book Week 2015

During Book Week the reception children enjoyed learning about the story of The Bad -Tempered Ladybird by Eric Carle. They reviewed the book and completed some ladybird maths and design activities. The children also enjoyed participating in a workshop by Kate Williams based on her insect poems. Different teachers from across the school shared their favourite stories with the three reception classes and Mrs Bull introduced the children to the main library, sharing stories with them. On the Friday the children came to school dressed as their favourite insect. The children were asked what they enjoyed about book week.

Christopher 0B - "It was good because I got to dress up as a caterpillar."

Rupert 0B - "I enjoyed dressing up as a snail.

Dylan 0G - "I liked dressing up because I kept laughing."

Alice 0T: "I liked being an insect. They are my favourite animals. I enjoyed the stories."

Darcey 0T: "It was good because I liked being a butterfly. It had a flower on it."

Caitlin 0G - "I enjoyed book week because it was lovely. We had lots of stories."

Sports 2015

This week both Reception and Year One took part in their sports day. The classes had been preparing for weeks for their races and every child thoroughly enjoyed taking part. We have lots of photos to share of the event with you. Please click on the images below to see lots more!

The reception children have been learning about the Easter story. They heard how Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey and the crowd cheered and waved palm branches. The children made palm branches using collage techniques and went out in the playground to wave them. They enjoyed cheering and making lots of noise!

People Who Help Us - Builders

The reception children went on a walk to look at the building site for the new school. They enjoyed looking at the crane and the progress of the building.

Torran (OB): "The crane lifts big and heavy things up when people need them."

Lily (OG): "The crane helps lift things high and low."

Sophie (OT): "It was picking up big blocks."

Lottie (OG): "The roller makes the pavement flat."

Bea (OT): "It was enormous."

Oscar (OG): "The digger makes big holes."

Ruben (OB): "The crane has a driver in it and he is waving at me."

Linden (OT): "It was lifting stuff up. The builder drived it."

Freddie (OB): "They are building our new class. It’s really tall the crane isn’t it?"

David (OT): "The crane is red and big. The man is at the back."

Christmas Production Photographs

Class 0B Class 0G Class 0T

Mini-Pots-of-Care letter

For more information, please visit

Road Safety Week

During Road Safety Week the children learnt about how to stay safe on the roads. They enjoyed role play activities outside and designed some road safety posters.

Rosie: “We need a lollipop lady or else people will get squashed.”

Lilly: “You have to be careful crossing the road.”

Max: “You need to hold hands with a grown up.”

William: “Look left and right to make sure there are no cars coming.”

During Book Week the children enjoyed listening to the story of the BFG

Actor Tony Pedley entranced the children with his storytelling skills...

Click on the image to read all about it!

We would like to say a very BIG “Thank you” to Mr George for taking such good care of our swimming pool for us.

Mr George comes into school during his own time to service our pool so that it is safe for us to use.

Without his help and continued support we would not learn to swim.

Please click on the image to the left to read the whole letter!

Reception Nativity 2013

Click to see larger image.

Year O put on their wellies and explored our extensive school grounds. We used our senses to describe what we could see, hear and feel.

“That’s a scary tree ‘cus it has no leaves on” Cheyanne (OG)

“Look a lily flower, it’s pink. There’s algae in the lake.” Isabel (OG)

“I can hear a crunchy sound.” Isla (OB)

“I saw some fungi on the grass.” Mabel (OB)

“The leaves on the trees are green and red.” Annabelle (OT)

“I can see shells and fossils.” Charlie (OT)

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