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‘At WASPS we love going outside to learn.’  Class 1SM

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In Year 1 we have been learning about harvest.
We started by threshing and winnowing. We then made our own bread.
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Outdoor Learning - Stone Age Fire

This term we are learning all about the Stone Age, and as part of this we experience what it might have been like to cook our food over a fire. We discussed how life might have been like for Stone Age people both before and after they discovered fire, and how we might cope having to cook our own food this way every day. We decided that we liked cooking on the fire every day, but it would be a lot of hard work if we had to do this all the time!

Science Week

Year one really enjoyed science week! Science week in year one kicked off with an exciting assembly where we saw an elephants’ toothpaste experiment, and learned about an exothermic reaction. Over the course of the week we had a go at different experiments, learning about static electricity, forces, how sound travels and chemical reactions, and made predictions about what might happen, and then tested these out to see if we were right. It was lots of fun and children really engaged with the experiments.

Outdoor Learning - Bridge Building

As part of this terms science topic, we have been exploring the suitability of materials. We were challenged to put what we had learned to the test by working in teams to try and build stable bridges that would enable a teacher to cross the river! We really worked together, testing out different designs and materials to try and ensure our bridges would not wobble and were strong enough to cross. It was a great success as no one fell off, and all of the bridges passed the teacher test. Good work Year One!

Victorian Day

Year 1 really enjoyed learning about the history of Weston Village, and the schools in the village over the last 200 years. The children particularly enjoyed Victorian Day when the children and teachers dressed up and experienced what life would have been like in a Victorian classroom! We sat in rows that with boys and girls separated, and had to stand up every time an adult came into the class. We wrote lines, drew a portrait of Queen Victoria, and had to do drills for P.E. It was a fantastic way to see how life might have been for children at school in Weston, and how they used to learn. We all had a fun day.

Bedtime Story

Year one got very cosy in our classrooms as children (and adults) came in wearing their favourite pyjamas, ready to hear bedtime stories read by the teachers. Children were very relaxed and settled in to listen with a mug of warming hot chocolate. We have lots of requests the next day for children to sleep at school all night next time.

Year 1 visit to Upper Weston Farm.


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