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"I feel safe, and we do our work to the best of our ability. We do lots of art!" Class 4H
"It's really fun because there's always a new subject to learn!"
Class 4M
"Year 4 is exciting, lots of the lessons are really fun."
- Class 4WD

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For all the budding engineers in Year 4 here is the link to the bridge building game that we are using in school. Good luck!

St Briavels

Year 4 had an fantastic time away at their residential in St Briavels. They learnt so much and had so many amazing experiences on their bridges and castles tour. As well as sketching, seeing and learning about many bridges around England and Wales, children also got totally immersed in Medieval life, even sleeping in a castle! Highlights included: a medieval banquet, some amazing archery, a trip down a mine, a beautiful woodland walk and guided tours of 3 castles!

Children were polite, enthusiastic, grew in independence and were excellent ambassadors of WASPS. Well done Year 4!

Click on the small images below to see lots of photographs of our trip.

Viking Day!

On Tuesday 22nd January, WASPS was invaded by some fierce-looking Viking warriors in Year 4's Viking Day! The day began with a raid on each Year 4 classroom, followed by an amazing day learning about and living Viking life first hand, led by Hrothgar the Viking. Children became expert warriors as they learned about the weapons, storytellers as they acted out Viking Myths and legends, and they even experienced a Viking funeral. They also got the chance to play a Viking board game "Hnefatafl" and create fire. All children thoroughly enjoyed the day and are now real experts on Viking life.
Click on the image to the left to see a gallery of photographs.

Battle of Hastings Re-enactment

On Tuesday 19th March, all of Year 4 were transported back to 14th October 1066, to experience first hand the legendary Battle of Hastings. The mighty Normans were led into Battle by William, the Duke of Normandy (Mr Haycock), while the vicious Anglo Saxons were headed up by the Anglo Saxon King, Harold Godwinson (Mr Brinkworth). After some tiring marching, and awe-inspiring fighting, Harold was defeated by a sword stabbing and an arrow in the eye. Children recorded how they felt before, during and after the battle. They then wrote some amazing diary entries based on their battle experience.


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