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"I feel safe, and we do our work to the best of our ability. We do lots of art!" Class 4H
"It's really fun because there's always a new subject to learn!"
Class 4M
"Year 4 is exciting, lots of the lessons are really fun."
- Class 4WD

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For all the budding engineers in Year 4 here is the link to the bridge building game that we are using in school. Good luck!

Viking Day!

On Tuesday 22nd January, WASPS was invaded by some fierce-looking Viking warriors in Year 4's Viking Day! The day began with a raid on each Year 4 classroom, followed by an amazing day learning about and living Viking life first hand, led by Hrothgar the Viking. Children became expert warriors as they learned about the weapons, storytellers as they acted out Viking Myths and legends, and they even experienced a Viking funeral. They also got the chance to play a Viking board game "Hnefatafl" and create fire. All children thoroughly enjoyed the day and are now real experts on Viking life.
Click on the image to the left to see a gallery of photographs.

Bath Abbey Concert on 12th June

Click here for the words for children performing in the Bath Abbey Concert on 12th June. Please could every effort be made for these words to be memorised by the end of half term. Many thanks!

The Borrowers

Year Four have been inspired by their literacy week book 'The Borrowers', by Mary Norton, to create their very own Borrowers' room. Take a look at what they have created!

Y4 classrooms were again raided by Hrothgar, the Viking, and the children enjoyed a variety of activities. In these photos you can see a shield wall being attacked, children in armour and even a Viking board game! Unlike the original Viking raids, the children really enjoyed themselves, and we learned all about their gods and laws. As Hrothgar's sails disappear over the horizon once more, we find ourselves a lot more knowledgeable about the fearsome people who once sailed the North sea. Click on the image to see more!

Year 4 Monastic Experience Day

Year 4 experienced what it was like to be a monk during the medieval period recently. In the atmospheric setting of Weston All Saints Church, they made bread and butter, learnt to treat the sick with herbs and spices, spent time praying and meditating, wrote with quill pens, worked in the garden (graveyard) and made candles from beeswax! The teachers were incredibly proud of the way the children engaged with this project and of how much they learnt. Well done all. Here are some photographs from the day.

Wild Wednesdays

Year 4 thoroughly enjoying their Wild Wednesdays!

200 Years of WASPS

Y4 experienced what life was like in a 1950's school day as part of the celebrations of the 200 years of WASPS. They learned about the differences between school then and now. These pictures show how everybody got into the spirit of the 50's!

Year 4 Maths Challenge

Charlie, Sam, Florence and Chloe recently took part in our local Year 4 Maths Challenge, competing in pairs against children from schools around Bath.

Impressively, WASPS finished in 3rd and 4th place out of a total of thirty teams. Congratulations to our fantastic young mathematicians!

Wild Wednesday fun at harvest time!

Click on the image to see all the fun we had!

Residential: St Briavels

Click on the images to see slideshows of photos from our recent residential trip to St Briavels.

During our residential to St Briavels, Year 4 stopped at Caldicot Castle for lunch. As always we thanked them for their hospitality, and they responded via email:

Dear Dr Anne Bull and all the delightful children who came to Caldicot Castle
I would just like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for the beautifully written and eloquently composed letters that the children have sent to us.
We appreciate the time and trouble they have taken to write and decorate them.
I do hope we get the chance to welcome your school to the castle again in the future.
With very kind regards


Louise McGuinness
Events at Caldicot Castle Country Park
Church Road

Year 4 have been learning about the Tudors, Henry VIII, and his warship the Mary Rose. The Mary Rose sank in a battle against the French in 1545 and we have written a recount as one of the 36 sailors to survive from the 700 people on board. This is a great example of our writing, by Rhiannon in 4H: 

It has been a surprisingly awful night. I was trying to be brave about going to battle on the magnificent Mary Rose, a warship, but even the great King Henry had come to see us! I was telling the other gunners to be brave and heave the heavy iron cannons out through the low cut wooden gun ports, but my heart was beating so loudly that I couldn’t even hear the low murmuring of the rolling waves, or the fast running feet and scared squeaks of the diseased vermin. It is extremely hard to think in the dark, damp depths of a ship. 

Smoothly, a sharp silence spread like poison on the calm sea. I felt like the worst was about to happen. Suddenly a jolt rang through me. Next the deck was alive with racing people, shouts, and escaping cannonballs. Sprinting over to the heavy metal cannons, I nearly broke my twisted spine in my haste to reload. It was life or death in a sea battle and I felt I could teach those repulsive and vile French. “Fire!” I called, and we plunged our knobbly fingers in our small ears and the shot boomed out over the choppy waves. 

The angry captain screeched, “Turn!” Fearfully, my eyes widened nervously as we swung around. Horrified, I saw a trickle of water stream in over the creaking wood. Suddenly, piercing screams hit the air. The small trickle of water had slowly turned to a torrent rushing in at the sides. A scramble to the swaying ladder shocked me awake. I was absolutely terrified, so terrified I couldn’t think properly. All I could hear was screams and cries of pain. I tried to wade through dead bodies to the crowded ladder. A giant gust of wind had blown the heavy boat over and now it was sinking! The sea was rising in the boat like a fountain and as I tried to wade through bodies to the rickety ladder I rose up in the grimy water. Frantically I struggled towards the hatch but it was too far away! Suddenly, with a boom, the gun sprang out of the rusty gunport! Petrified, I wriggled down towards it, frantically pushing dead bodies and alive but drowning ones out of my way. I could still hear muffled shrieks but as I scrambled up through the hatch they were silenced suddenly. 

Coughing loudly on the surface, I devastatedly watched the last mast of the Mary Rose splinter and be swallowed by the rolling waves. As I slowly paddled round in circles I was nearly ran over by the impenetrable helm of another ship. With unbelievable strength I scrambled up the side and flopped on the wooden planks. I was safe!  

Dear Dr Bull

Harry A from class 4H just wanted to say thank you to you and the teachers who accompanied them to St Braivals. He has had the most exciting, amazing time. For his first overnight stay with the school he could not fault it. He managed to take over 300 photos as he wanted to capture every moment. He was so pleased it didn't rain as the best part was doing archery.

Thank you for a great school trip and for taking care of our children so well.

Best wishes

MidSomerset Festival

Wow! Year 4 did really well in the MidSomerset Festival for writing this year. We entered poetry based on migrating animals and all entrants created some fantastic work.

  • Dan P from Class 4H - awarded 1st place with an outstanding certificate, a trophy and £10 book token.
  • Romilly from Class 4H - awarded 2nd place with a distinction certificate.
  • Ben and Poppy from Class 4W/D - both awarded a distinction certificate.
  • Jasmine and Sam from Class 4M - both awarded a commended certificate.

The winning two poems are below:

Multicultural Week

Year 4 enjoyed learning about various countries during Multicultural Week and were excited to share their learning with other classes and parents! 4M learned about important people from Poland, 4WD explored the Commonwealth island of Cyprus, and 4H cooked up some watercolour plates using ingredients from Thailand. The children appreciated the chance to find out about a place far from home, and have produced a wonderful display.

Year 4 Viking Day

On 24th January 2017, British shores were once again raided by those vicious pirates known as the Vikings! One made his way overland to Bath, where he taught our Year 4 classes all about the life he led. As well as tales of the Norse gods and a chief’s funeral, the children learned all about the laws and society of the Vikings and how they fought in battle. A short trip outside provided the perfect opportunity for our visitor through time to explain how the Vikings would have made a fire to cook and camp, and there were lots of opportunities for the children to be involved in activities throughout the day. By the end, they had learned a lot and were excited to discuss their new knowledge with everyone who would listen!

Tag Rugby

These pictures show Yr4 enjoying tag rugby. Mark from Crusader rugby came to the school to give us a taster session which was thoroughly enjoyed by all children who took part.

Times Tables Challenge

On Monday pupils across Upper WASPS took part in our NSPCC Sponsored Challenge Times Table Challenge. Pupils enjoyed a variety of activities aimed at honing their times tables skills, and they impressed us with their enthusiasm and focus. Special congratulations to Jackson, Fergus and Morgan who were Y4’s top scoring times table champions!

Solids, Liquids and Gases

Wow! What a great day Friday was for Year 4. We were delighted to welcome Mr McAdam and Mr Norris into school to bring to life our science topic of ‘Solids, Liquids and Gases’. The children had an experience of science used in a real world profession which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Radio Drama Based on the Life of Rudyard Kipling

On the 8th of March, 4H performed a radio drama based around Rudyard Kipling. It was written as a class, using the facts we had learned about him to explore some of the key parts of his life. There were lots of great ideas and we used the program Audacity, which we had been learning about in IT, to record some sound effects and use them in the show, just like the professionals do! Those presenters, readers and reporters who took part practised hard and delivered their performance with confidence and style, which the watching classes thoroughly enjoyed. It was a fantastic show, well done once again!

Free Style Dancing with Debbie Bellinger

Wow! What a great time Year 4 have had. Yesterday, each class took part in a free style dancing session with Debbie Bellinger. All the children loved it and had smiles on their faces.

Luis 4H "It was energetic".
Gemma 4H "It was active and entertaining".

Hrothgar the Viking

On the 26th of January W.A.S.P.S was raided by Hrothgar (Roger) the Viking! He spent the day with year 4, teaching them about Viking laws and beliefs, how the warriors fought in battle, and told them stories of the gods and heroes. They got to dress up and try on armour, form a shield wall and generally have a wonderful time learning all about these fierce people that form an important part of Britain's past.

Year 4 have been really busy this term!

Poetry Success

We’ve had some great success in Devizes Eisteddfod! We entered some poems and Amy in 4WD won! Here are the entries…

Sometimes You Can Feel…
by Amelia 4WD
Weston All Saints Primary School, Bath

Sometimes you can feel happy
And sometimes you can feel catchy.
Or sometimes you can feel sad,
Or sometimes mad.
Also, sometimes you can feel left out
And it’s OK to feel that way.
But never use your actions in a bad way.

English Life
by James 4WD
Weston All Saints Primary School, Bath

Birds whizzing round the trees,
Leaves swaying in the lovely breeze.
Large sky is so blue,
Setting the morning dew.
Children go to school,
While some people swim in the pool.
English life is so good,
And at Christmas we eat nice pud!

Harvest Time
by Amy 4WD
Weston All Saints Primary School

Buzzing around are bumble bees,
Flapping about are birds in trees.
On the ground is lots of grain,
Hoping like mad it will not rain.
Leaves are silver, amber and gold,
All the animals have been sold.
Yay! Halloween is drawing near,
All the ghosts are what you will hear.
We thank you, Lord, for all this food.
It’s put us in a lovely mood.


We held our very own Year Group Bring and Buy sale in aid of Send a Cow whose work in Africa we studied in class. We also made some beautiful Autumn Poems which we decorated with watercolour paints and turned them into gift cards. We sold them at the sale and, altogether, we raised £108!

We were particularly delighted when the team at Send a Cow brought a visitor from Ethiopia to our school. He told us loads about his country and more about the work that the charity do there.

Here are some of our poems.

George’s Marvellous Medicine

In year 4, we LOVE Roald Dahl and we especially enjoyed studying ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’. We wrote our own character descriptions of Grandma and came up with some revoltingly marvellous medicines of our own. These included things like dried-up toothpaste, metallic marbles, cats’ vomit and … diarrhoea (and we even learnt a revolting mnemonic to help us remember how to spell it!). We used watercolour paints and pen and ink to create medicine bottles in the style of Quentin Blake. Here are some examples of our work, click to read them:

Year 4 have been studying the different denominations of the Christian church and we wrote non-chronological reports about them. Here is an example of one from Lyra in 4WD.

There are many different types of Christians in the United Kingdom. This report tells you about some.

Roman Catholic
When the Roman Empire split up, the Christian Church was based in Rome, in Italy so became known as the Roman Catholic Church. It is led by the Pope. Roman Catholic Churches are ornate with silk tapestries as red as ruby. Some people thought that the Roman Catholics should give more money to the poor and spend less on the church buildings so they founded the Protestant Church.

Another denomination, which was founded by Martin Luther in 1520, is called the Protestant Church. As a consequence of not getting a divorce from the Pope, Henry the VIII made England protestant and formed the Church of England (also called the Anglican Church). This branch of the protestant church is led by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The money from the church was given to the poor, instead of spending it on the building, so the churches are plain with no statues or things like that. Sometimes you can find men or women as ministers or pastors which goes against the Roman Catholic beliefs. The Roman Catholics only allow men to be ministers or pastors.

There are different types of Nonconformist churches. The different types are Quakers, Methodists, the Salvation Army and the Baptists.

Viking for a Day!

Year 4 had a fantastic time when a Viking came to visit for the day! The children wore clothes from Viking times, heard about the how the Vikings mastered the seas and the land and their way of life; we also handled some typical Viking weapons and enjoyed some tales about Viking Gods, which they were then able to act out. Thank you to Hrothgar (a.k.a. Roger Berry) and our school PTA for such a wonderful experience.


St Briavels Trip

Year 4 recently stayed in St. Briavels Castle, a wonderful medieval structure that was used as a hunting lodge by King John – the very one who signed the Magna Carta 800 years ago! As well as staying overnight in the castle, the children had a fantastic medieval banquet, particularly enjoying the lack of cutlery, and tried their hands at archery in the grounds! We also visited Chepstow Castle, Caldicot Castle, the Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail, Hopewell Colliery and Newport Transporter Bridge, among other attractions during the trip.

A wonderful time was had by all and here is a small selection of extracts from the thank you letters written by the children:

Dear Chepstow Castle

It was my absolute pleasure to visit Chepstow Castle, it was a phenomenal historical structure. So, to let you have my class and I visit this castle was thoroughly delightful. I particularly appreciated going to the top of the keep, the wind blowing in our faces and seeing for miles and miles around.
Sara 4H

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the different rooms that are still standing and I also loved the beautiful rose garden. I would definitely come again and I would recommend it to all my friends.
Talia 4H

I loved seeing the awesome ruins of the marvellous Chepstow Castle. I was very happy when I went up to the crenulations as I conquered my fear of heights; there were amazing views and I really enjoyed the super experiences.
Archie 4H

I found it very interesting that we are a school from Bath and in your castle there are the same type of stones as we have in our city – as well as some stolen bricks from the Roman remains nearby! It was a fun and educational trip and I would like to come again.
Yours sincerely,
Skye 4H


Mr Williams led an attack and 4WD wrote about the various ways to put a castle under siege! You can feel the tension, apprehension and drama in these extracts written by Esme, Anna N, Jack N, Olivia, Jacob J, Jacob B, Mia, Katherine and Zoltan.

Dear Second in Command,

I am sorry but I am afraid I will not be able to attend the battle; one of my archers accidentally got me in the stomach! I am sending you this letter as I cannot be there. You will take my place until I get better. I expect exceptionally good work. These are top secret plans so keep it to yourself and your army!

Before the beauty of the sunrise, when the moon is still glistening bright, you must start a siege. To begin with, you must build a camp around the castle walls and make sure that no food nor water gets into the castle and no messages get out; if they come anywhere near you … kill them! Burn the peasants’ crops and food; poison their water with berries, poisonous leaves, mud and salt and kill all the animals surrounding the castle.

At the crack of dawn, cut down all the trees in the area to build your siege towers. A shiny, strong, wide oak trunk which has an amazing height would be the best because it burns really slowly. You will also need miles of the strongest rope you can find.

If you make a siege tower, you can have blacksmiths and carpenters near the bottom making shields, swords, bows and even arrows. On the second floor your men-at-arms will be waiting for the drawbridge to fall down and they’ll run across, onto the wall and attack. Last but not least, your archers will be on the third and last floor shooting down to protect your army.

Archers are the best weapons you could ever use; you might want them to stand on a high place. When they fire their arrows, they go so fast – faster than a galloping horse. The best archers are the Welsh so try and get most of them in your army; they’re better than us, they’re amazing! They shoot one arrow every 3 seconds. You would not like to get hit by an arrow.

In the misty cloud of darkness, you need to start building other siege engines like trebuchets, battering rams, perriers and mangonels. Used for oil and rocks, the mangonel is a weapon used to knock down walls. The Perrier is used for throwing stones and dead things into the castle so a disease will spread. A trebuchet is the most dangerous catapult ever. Even though it is heaver, it’s the best one at firing.

You need you strongest men to fire the big crossbows made from yew wood. Build rafts with a cover and oars so you can paddle across the moat. Bring a siege ladder with you to climb the castle walls. Send the battering ram men in first to break through the portcullis. Next, send in the siege towers and soldiers. Once all your men are over, you go in yourself.

When several of your soldiers are in the enemy’s castle, you should steal their gold. Run to the castle keep and try to smash it down. Keep doing that until they surrender… or die!


Samaritan’s Purse Shoe Box Appeal

The Shoe Box Appeal is very important, and Samaritan’s Purse is a fantastic charity. They ask people for a shoebox filled with toys and for us to contribute a few other things like tooth brushes, toothpaste, soap and flannels. We send them to children that are less fortunate than us. We are asked to wrap the shoe box to make it look like a present and when a child opens it, imagine their astonishment when they see all the lovely things inside.

It can be expensive to fill up a whole shoe box, so at W.A.S.P.S. we said that people could bring in a few things and Mrs Notice and Mrs Harding filled up boxes with contributions from different people. The whole school was involved and boxes came in from every class.

Class 4H was lucky enough to take the boxes to the Samaritan’s Purse van, and the men counted them as the van filled up. W.A.S.P.S. donated 78 boxes in total!

By Emily and Sara 4H


Some examples of the fantastic bridges created by Year 4 children as part of their family learning project. We were seriously impressed! Thank you to all the family members who helped.

Class 4WD have recently put on an amazing assembly in Weston All Saints Church all about their class Christian value - Hope! They expressed their feelings about Hope through dance, drama, poetry, singing, artwork, prayers and music. The children made their teachers and parents very proud! Here is the PowerPoint presentation which contains the class's amazing collaborative poem.

Click to download a copy

Maths Challenge

On Wednesday 14th January 2015, Freya, Isaac, Flo and Bronwen took part in a Year 4 Maths Challenge at King Edward's Junior School. Although we didn't win, they all worked very hard and enjoyed the challenge!

Year 4 Christmas

We’ve had a wonderful time in Year 4 running up to Christmas. We were really proud of our performance at the Forum and in class, as well as learning about the real Christmas story, we’ve made some incredible Christmas decorations and cards. Here are some examples.

Viking Experience!

Year 4 had an amazing Viking experience when Hrothgar (aka Roger Barry) visited WASPS to show us his wonderful collection of artefacts. We learnt what it was like to be a Viking that day including studying their weapons, stories, food and clothing.

Abbey Music Workshops

Year 4 recently took part in a fabulous day of musical workshops at Bath Abbey. To tell you all about it, Jack and Joshua have written their accounts:

Crime Stories

We have written some fantastic crime stories for the competition organised by the Bath Chronicle. Here are some examples by Josh and Imogen.

Woodland Grove

On Wednesday 5th December 4FL went to Woodland Grove Care home to sing Christmas carols. We were accompanied by the wind band made up from Yr 6 pupils, their teacher Mr Green and Mr French on keyboard.

The children sang a variety of carols and songs some of which the residents joined in with. It was lovely to see the children perform confidently and with such enjoyment.

The band played 4 pieces. The rendition of When Santa got stuck up the chimney was enthusiastically received.

The children took the opportunity to chat to the residents and we were impressed by the way they confidently spoke and behaved. The care home were so delighted that they have already booked us for next year!

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